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You Definitely Won't Use Other Complicated and Expensive CRM Tools Again

In today's CRM world, softwares are still so complicated. User Interface is very confusing, training your team is another headache, and you pay more money for features that you don't really use. But hopefully SecretActionCRM will change all of this.

Why is #SecretActionCRM?

Action Oriented
Our system is designed to be action oriented. If you have customers and recurring works (for example repairing service, beauty saloon, cleaning store, consulting service etc.), SecretActionCRM will work best for you.

Basic Design
We designed SecretActionCRM with totally basic UI/UX structures. Our goal is that all the people on your team can learn and can work without any help. SecretActionCRM is totally mobile friendly as well.

Only Important Features
At SecretActionCRM, all actions start by creating a work. In the works, you can assign notes or reminders, print receipts, send notifications to your customers, mark them as completed, and find any work or customer easily with name or contact number.

Advanced Marketing Tools
SecretActionCRM collects all customer and working data in the cloud-based encrypted secure server. And you can send text messages anytime or email campaigns to your customer database by just one click in your panel.

Secure in Cloud or Server
SecretActionCRM uses secure PCI DSS certified servers. All of sensitive data included customer or work notes already encrypted at all. We have SecretActionCRM Server option to use dedicated and firewall powered in-house server solution too.

Statistics & Gamification
SecretActionCRM shows all of your locations, team performances, and sales with just one click. You can filter the statistics by date and location. You can choose whether or not your team can see these statistics.


SecretActionCRM is a must software for every business.

~ Arie A.


We are not just a CRM software. We make business life easier. SecretActionCRM combines CRM and work management tools in a very basic human way. You can create job orders and save customer information all at once.

In SecretActionCRM panel, we don't have mysterious pages. We just have 4 tabs. You can browse active due works, future works, completed works, and canceled works. In any case, you need to find a customer or work, you can just use the search box. That's it.

And we do this in very secure structure. SecretActionCRM is designed to keep sensitive data with its very secure technology. You can even use SecretActionCRM to take notes about your patients. If you would like to, you can use our software in your local intranet network and the server structure optionally.


In today's competition world, marketing is an inseparable part of business management. SecretActionCRM opens up marketing to small businesses with basic and advanced marketing functions. SecretActionCRM collects customer information such as name, mobile number, email without duplicate data. You can create an email or text campaigns with just one click in the panel, or you can share coupon codes. It's also possible to send texts or notifications to any customer individually. SecretActionCRM can create them for you automatically. It's very easy to redeem any coupon code.

You can also export all of your customers to use them in any API or service.


When you start using SecretActionCRM, it will automatically increase your sales. Because your team can see the sales of each other and/or other branches. The smart and instantaneous statistics encourages them to make more.

SecretActionCRM has also optional clock-in and clock-off feature to track your team's working times. Your team can clock-in after login and clock-out when they finished the work.

It's also possible to hide this sales data or to share by exporting any time. And it's a good idea to give a gift to the most hardworking member or to select employee of the month.


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